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      Nine Elements

      Letra:Letra: Taliesin (c.534-599) Música: Pablo VillegasLyrics and music: Pablo VillegasCanto antiguo de invocación mágica Música e letras: Pablo Villegas

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      I was made from the nine fold elements
      From fruit trees
      From paradisiacal fruit
      From primroses and hill flowers
      From the blossoms of trees and bushes
      From the root of the earth was I made
      From the broom and the nettle
      From the waters of nine wave
      Math enchanted my before I was made immortal
      Gwydion created me with his magical wand
      From Emrys and Euryon
      From Mabon And Modron
      From five fifties of magicians like Math was I made
      Made by the master in his highest ecstasy
      By the wisest druids was I made before the world began
      And I know the star-knowledge from the beginning of time.

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